Gotland - and sick of traveling

This morning we left my grandpa´s house in Skåne to go to Tomas´s dad´s house on Gotland. We had to drive a couple of hours, and then we also had to take a big ferry over to the island, cause that´s how you get to Gotland. It has been a long day of traveling, but now we are finally here. And i have to say, honestly, that i am so sick of traveling right now! I usually LOVE to travel, but right now i just feel like going home. I have no idea whats wrong with me but i guess i have been traveling and moving around too much lately so now my body is telling me to go home. We´ll see if i can make it till the 22nd, when we are supposed to go back home, or if i have to fly home by myself before that...
Another thing that is weird is that i am still kind of jet lagged. I can never fall asleep at night and i am ALWAYS tired. It is sooo annoying! It feels like my brain wants to go out and do stuff, cause im bored, but my body is always tired, and tells me to go to sleep. Im so confused.. and its driving me crazy! Oh well, i hope it goes away soon.
This is the last dinner we had in Skåne. They have the BEST salmon over there! It is so freaking delicious! When you (my american family) visit me in sweden you have to try this salmon, cause you will be mind blown. 
My cat is not normal at all... I mean look at her! Cats dont just lay like that, but mine does hahah. (btw she was sleeping)
This was when we were on the ferry earlier today. I like sitting by the window
It is very boring riding the ferry since you have no internet connection out there, what so ever


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