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And just like that, i'm back in Sweden again.
The trip was long and uncomfortable but i made it! We started our trip by taking a bus from Wichita to Houston, and it took forever! We left Wichita around 6 pm monday and arrived in Houston (at an hotel) at 4 am, tuesday morning, wich means we were on the bus for 10 freakin' hours. When we arrived we got inside the hotel (or if it was some kind of camp, i dont really know) and inside there was this really big room with exactly five beds and then a bunch of tables and chairs. Everybody obviously wanted to sleep after the bus ride so some people shared the beds and the rest just took a blanket and slept on the floor. More buses kept arriving and i think there were about 200 students in there at one point. Some students left kind of early to take a bus to the airport where they would get to the plane, but me and my other swedish friends had to wait until 4 pm for the bus to take us to the airport (keep in mind we got there at 4 am) because our flight didnt leave until 8 pm. I was bored to death for 12 hours, but i did skype with Jamie the last hour which made it a lot better, and then efter a lot of waiting we finally went to the airport. We got on the plane that would take us to London, and the flight was only about 8 hours so it wasn't too terrible. When we got to London we had some problems cause my friend acidentally left her camera on the plane, but we made it and then we only had a 2 hour flight back to Stockholm.  
When i arrived at the airport in Sweden it was the weirdest thing. Me and my friends (who had been speaking english up until now, even though we are all swedish) started speaking swedish and it felt super weird. We got our bags and then it was time to meet up with our families! I have to be honest, I was suuuuper nervous! 
When i got out of the gate, my whole family stood there waiting for me along with my two best friends! They gave me the biggest hugs ever and they also had balloons and flowers, all in blue and yellow!
In the car on the way home it felt really weird, kind of like I was dreaming. 
Now, when i stepped into my room for the very first time it felt sooo tiny!! It still feels like my whole house got smaller during the time i was gone!
I met my little kitty cat that i have missed so much, but i honestl dont think she rememberes me, and after that we had dinner. My lovely godmother came over too, and she stayed for dinner. She told me i had gotten taller so i guess i'm gonna have to measure myself tomorrow to see if that is true or not. 
The whole evening i was super confused but happy at the same time. I couldnt believe i was actually home, cause in one way it felt like i was just talking to them on skype from my home in Kansas. But it was definitely awesome to see them all again cause i have missed them!!
Now it is 2 am over here and i can not sleep. I'm just not tiered, so i decided to read all the letters i got from my family in Kansas before i left. All of the letters made me cry so bad i actually had to take a break and breathe when i was reading them! For all of you Kansas people out there: I miss you soooo much! I'm now going to be living with constant home sickness, so i'll have to visit very soon! I love you all, especially my wondelful family and close friends!
Ps. My mom actually put a zebra patterned bedding on my bed to replicate my bed in Kansas! I think i will sleep like a baby once i get tired!
I had this around my neck the whole trip home, to make sure i got to the right place at the right time
This is the room in which I was bored to death for 12 hours
I was super happy and super sad at the same time when i finally arrived in Sweden, the weirdest feeling ever
My lovely friends Lotta and Siri were there as well
When we got home, this was hanging outside my window! :)
And this is what my room looks like, its a total mess.. I have to start unpacking both my boxes and my suitcase, and i also have to clean out my closet

Postat av: Mia Fagerlund

Hej Elice. Välkommen hem till Svedala. Jag tror jag kan förstå dina känslor. Efter ett tag med lite distans kommer du känna hur lyckligt lottad du är som har "2" underbara familjer, det är inte många som har det. Det här året har berikat ditt liv för all framtid :-) Önskar dig en härlig sommar med din "svenska" familj. Ida hälsar så gott. Kram. Mia

Svar: Tack så jätte mycket Mia! Jag försöker att tänka positivt, men jag kommer nog ha lite hemlängtan nu i början! Hälsa Ida tillbaka från mig! Kramar
Elice Lindholm Nobinder

2013-06-27 @ 08:28:05

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