1 year ago

So on this day, exactly one year ago, i was on my way to America for the biggest adventure of my life. I had no idea what to expect, and i had no idea that i was about to experience the best year of my life so far. I just want to say thank you to everyone who made it so wonderful, and especially to my lovely american family, cause you guys are the best. I miss and love you all so much, and i hope you will come visit me soon. 
Now that the summer is coming to an end (i start school on the 21st) i thought i would show you some pictures of what i have been doing! And its about time i show you around my house, so that you can see where i live. Therefore, i recorded a video that you can see at the bottom of this post!
Me and my dad have been bying stuff to put in my room in his house, and i painted this dresser all by myself, it took a few days to finish (and i have a weird shadow on my face..)
The sky is so pretty over here in the summer
Me, my mom and my stepdad made home made chipotle for dinner one time, and it was soooo good
I have gone shopping with my very good-looking mother
I have goofed around with my friends.. hehe
I have gone on a five-day trip around Stockholm´s archipelago with my friend and her family. We just cruise around with their boat for a few days. Its an annual thing that we do every summer. 
We usually read a lot during this trip. 
They also have the cutest little dog called `Texas` who is with us on the boat. 
Stockholm is very pretty during the summer
We decided to wake up early and watch the sunrise one morning, and it was beautiful. (the sun in sweden stays up for a long time during the summer, so we had to wake up around 4 am to watch it)
I hade some crazy eyes that early in the morning...
My friend Johanna, who´s on the right, also went away this year as a foreign exchange student, she stayed in Wisconsin. 
This is me brushing my teeth..
When i got home, my parents gave me the best gift ever. It´s my blog in book-form! They printed out my blog and made 4 little books, so now i can always remember my year! (fyi, i started crying when i got this). 
Me and my friend were bored so we decided to make a cake.. i have no idea why, but it was delicious. 
I have cuddled a lot with my cat, she is so adorable
Here is the video where i show you around my house!


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