elice karin julia lindholm-nobinder

hiiiiiiii everyone! 
this is hailey, i dont know how much you know about me but i like long walks on the beach, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, going to the drive inn and starin at the stars ;] for all you cute single guys out there ... just kidding (but seriously) 
elice and i have gotten to be pretty good friends i think and i am extremly sad that she is leaving. she is a super great friend and you all are lucky that she is swedish so you get to keep her over there but i am also very lucky that she made the decision to come over here and i got to spend a great fantasic awesome year with her and we (jamie, elice, and i) spent most of our year singing, eating, laughing, and talking about boys, what else did you expect? actual school work!? Ha! hahahah!... i just graduated from Rose Hill with elice and jamie this year and its been an awesome experience spending my senior year with them, i couldnt imagine it any other way! we are the three best friends that anyone could have! haha =] 
Good friends are hard to come by but when you find one you gotta hold on to them, no matter how far away they go (like Sweden) (or KU) so i plan to continue to have movie nights with my new pal Liam and pretend like my friends are with me and skype them all the time and learn swedish so i can go visit elice ... and maybe stalk her a little but... but ssshhhssshshshshsshhhh she doesnt know.... 
well ive never had a blog so i dont know if i did this wright or wrote to much or something but o well, it was nice conversing with you and id like to give a shout out to elice's mom, she tells me all the time how we are alike so i thought that i should say hi =] i promise we are taking good care of elice karin julila lindholm-nobidner aka your daughter... i have never locked her in my car, or thrown anything at her, or jumped on her at random times... that would be wierd..... 
well thank you for reading this portion of elice daily... 
have a wonderful day 
or a spectacular night 
which ever applies to you at this moment 
Hailey Paige McClellan 

Postat av: Annika Persson


Hailey Paige McClellan. You are welcome to Sweden and our home anytime!

2013-06-10 @ 07:37:25

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