So, today i finally got the strength to unpack my suitcase! It has been laying there on my floor for a while now, and i thought that it was time. But first i hade to clean out my closet, cause i had so many clothes that i didnt want anymore. And i also had 4 boxed full of stuff that i had to unpack. 
My mom and i started this morning and finished an hour ago, so it took a while!
It felt awesome to get rid of those 4 gigantic boxes that were standing in my room, taking up all the space. 
My closet looks like this after cleaning it out, but i still have a lot of clothes in there. 
I miss Kansas
Jet lag update: I am still super tired in the mornings, and i can never fall asleep at night. But yesterday i did manage to fall asleep around 2 and 10 this morning, my alarm went off. Its slowly getting better..


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