Yesterday, me and my friend Lotta went into town to have lunch. Instead of taking the train which I would normally do, we took her scooter (which is both faster and more fun). We went to a street market that they have in town every sunday during the summer, and then we bought crepes for lunch! We had a great time eating lunch by the water, and its nice to catch up since i havent talked to her in almost a year. 
After that, she gave me a ride home and i hung out with my dad for a couple of hours. Later that night my whole family came over to celebrate that i am back in Sweden!
My cousins little daughter is so adorably cute, and she got very attached to the teddy bear i got from Hailey and Jamie before i left :)
We also had an awesome "swedish flag" cake that my mom had fixed!
Before everyone came, Tomas helped me put up some shelves above my bed, so now i have a little "Rose Hill" wall :) I also have a little painting of the US on the other wall that my mom got for me!
My lovely friend Lotta
Delicious crepe
My cousins cute little daughter and tommy hammie :)
Swedish cake woop woop
My awesome wall
And here is just a pic of my kitty...

Postat av: lotta

mmmm fin bild tack.....

Svar: haha du är alltid fin <3
Elice Lindholm Nobinder

2013-07-02 @ 11:24:09

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