Hi! And sorry i have been so bad at writing lately. I always get lazy at updating my blog during the summer, since I have so many other things to do.

I flew home from Gotland a little earlier to hang out with my dad for a few days. And I have also been practicing driving a lot lately so that I can get my drivers license as soon as I turn 18.

Here are some random pictures from the last few days

Out biking!

Haha i saw this car today when i was out driving, lol 

Pretty Gotland-sky 



Haha me and my step dad realized that we both kind of represent the US at the beach. The funny thing is that i forgot all of my other swimsuits, so this is the only one i have! 
Oh well, gotta represent the most awesome country, right ;)

Gotland - and sick of traveling

This morning we left my grandpa´s house in Skåne to go to Tomas´s dad´s house on Gotland. We had to drive a couple of hours, and then we also had to take a big ferry over to the island, cause that´s how you get to Gotland. It has been a long day of traveling, but now we are finally here. And i have to say, honestly, that i am so sick of traveling right now! I usually LOVE to travel, but right now i just feel like going home. I have no idea whats wrong with me but i guess i have been traveling and moving around too much lately so now my body is telling me to go home. We´ll see if i can make it till the 22nd, when we are supposed to go back home, or if i have to fly home by myself before that...
Another thing that is weird is that i am still kind of jet lagged. I can never fall asleep at night and i am ALWAYS tired. It is sooo annoying! It feels like my brain wants to go out and do stuff, cause im bored, but my body is always tired, and tells me to go to sleep. Im so confused.. and its driving me crazy! Oh well, i hope it goes away soon.
This is the last dinner we had in Skåne. They have the BEST salmon over there! It is so freaking delicious! When you (my american family) visit me in sweden you have to try this salmon, cause you will be mind blown. 
My cat is not normal at all... I mean look at her! Cats dont just lay like that, but mine does hahah. (btw she was sleeping)
This was when we were on the ferry earlier today. I like sitting by the window
It is very boring riding the ferry since you have no internet connection out there, what so ever

Warm weather?

Kansas ruined me haha, i cant swim over here in Sweden anymore, its too cold!! I guess i just have to get used to it again.
I am planning on swimming when we go to Gotland, but i think i will skip the swimming part for now. 
This is my uncle Anders! 
And my kitty cat Molly
And this is a random picture of a field..

Skåne - Gotland

Yesterday (saturday morning) my family packed our bags and started our drive towards Skåne. Skåne is the southernmost point in Sweden, and it is also where my grandfather (my mothers father) lives! We go there every year during our summer vacation for a couple of days. My grandpas house is pretty small but it has a pool and it is also located very close to the beach! I love spending time here, if the weather allowes it of course. 
After a few days in Skåne, we always continue our vacation at Tomas´s fathers farm on Gotland (one of Swedens two Islands). We leave to go to Gotland on the 12th so we have a few days here in Skåne before we leave. 
It was really cold in the water today when we went to the beach haha.

First week in Sweden

Okay, i really dont know where to start cause this whole week since i came home has been so crazy. I have met a lot of people and i have done a lot of things! I'm just going to uplode some pictures and then wright about what happened under the pictures!
So this is just a picture on my school, because i passed it on my way to the mall and i thought it would be fun for you to see what it looks like!
What happened that same day was that i had to take my cat to the vet. I left her there in the morning and they had to put her to sleep. So when i picked her up in the afternoon, the vet told me that she was high! I almost died of laughter cause she actually looked high, she was drooling and she was totally out of it! In this picture above, we had just brought her home, and she had no idea what was going on! I felt bad when i was laughing at her, but i could not control myself! She was pretty much high that whole day so she couldnt go outside, but it got better after a while. 
So my friend Siri and i had been talking abuot how fun it would be to visit all of the places we used to visit a lot when we were kids! I have known her my whole life so we basically grew up together (it was actually her dad that got me into singing). So we decided to bike around "Ekerö", which is the island where we both grew up, and visit all of these places. For the most part, we went so see special places in the woods, because thats where we played when we were kids! It was so nostalgic to see everything again! 
Me and my friends used to pretend we had houses in the woods, so the rock i am sitting on in this picture used to be my "bed" in my "house" haha. 
This is just another place where we spent a ot of time when we were kids
In this picture you can se a big mansion (castle) that is located in the woods, we used to go here a lot to play, and you can also have lunch in the mansion. 
This is a great place to ski during winter, but it is pretty small so i havent been here for a long time.
Me and Siri used to be scouts when we were little, and this is actually the place where we would meet once a week! We were "water scouts" so we would sail a lot. 
This was only two days ago when we picked up my friend at the airport! She had satyed in wisconsin a year with AFS and it was really nice to finally meet her!
Omg, this was probably the biggest surprise ever.. So my friend Lotta told me last week that i couldnt have anything planned this thursday evening. I was super confused but i just kind of went with it and i tried not to ask to many questions. So this thursday morning i got a text saying that i should be standing at a the bus stop in "slussen" (which is a place in Stockholm city) at 7.30 pm. I dont really like surprises so i was super nervous. But my parents gave me a ride to slussen with the boat, and then i waited there for a while. Then, all of a sudden my friend shows up on her scooter, and tells me to hop on. I got a helmet and i blindfold so i had no idea where we were going! After we had stopped we walked a little bit, and i was still blindfolded (and suuuuper confused i might add). Then, Lotta told me to take off the blidfold and when i did, all of my friends jumped out from behind a bush and came running towards me! 
It was an awesome suprise party, and i was sooooo happy to see all of them again! And if you all my swedish friends) are reading this, then thank you so much!! I love you all!!
This was just a summary of the last week, and i hope it wast too confusing! I didnt even tell you about half of the things that have happened, cause like i said, this has truly been a crazy week. (and i also want to say that i was jet lagged this whole time, so that probably added to the craziness!)


Yeah, I've been terrible at updating my blog lately, but this first week back in Sweden has been super busy! I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow! And happy 4th of July!!


Yesterday, me and my friend Lotta went into town to have lunch. Instead of taking the train which I would normally do, we took her scooter (which is both faster and more fun). We went to a street market that they have in town every sunday during the summer, and then we bought crepes for lunch! We had a great time eating lunch by the water, and its nice to catch up since i havent talked to her in almost a year. 
After that, she gave me a ride home and i hung out with my dad for a couple of hours. Later that night my whole family came over to celebrate that i am back in Sweden!
My cousins little daughter is so adorably cute, and she got very attached to the teddy bear i got from Hailey and Jamie before i left :)
We also had an awesome "swedish flag" cake that my mom had fixed!
Before everyone came, Tomas helped me put up some shelves above my bed, so now i have a little "Rose Hill" wall :) I also have a little painting of the US on the other wall that my mom got for me!
My lovely friend Lotta
Delicious crepe
My cousins cute little daughter and tommy hammie :)
Swedish cake woop woop
My awesome wall
And here is just a pic of my kitty...

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